JBL 4435 PDF

Specifications. Type: 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system. Frequency Response: 30Hz to 16kHz. Power Handling: W. Crossover Frequency. I’ve got an opportunity to buy a pair of JBL studio monitors for 5K, just wondering is it worth the money. Anybody got this model and can. I agree with the report of Mattera. Pregnant with a very respectable volume, which offer substantial firepower. It takes watts (and big) to make them sound.

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The top octave is smooth on this Model JBL so if you want to try drier amps, like Crowns Micro reference, or other austere manufacturers go ahead.

I have owned both, ‘s really shine in the bass and midrange compared to the ‘s. Measured with an RTA and pink noise they measure very flat through the midrange on up with the controls set to 0.

I have one I can get a decent price. I really do want to light these babies up with some power. If you are tube fan then maybe a pair of ‘s or a handsome pair of MC ‘s.

Rather than me waxing poetic, potential owners should understand that if they have the financial resources to purchase these JBLs as well as the volumetric area to house them, their search for a permanent loudspeaker will in all likelihood be over.

Although I remembered today, my s also have charge-coupled crossovers and Radian horn drivers. The biradial horns do work as advertised, I think that’s why they are so easy to set up.

435 On the other hand, to my ear in my roomthey sound a little “thin” compared to my L make-overs. M2 system is a strong 2 way also. Log in or Sign up. I rarely put more than 20 watts plus peaks into them. Sure the rolls of some where around 18, hz, but there isn’t much up there anyway but dog whistles. I currently have marantz recievers,B, dc, ect The margin of investigation is 4453 interesting for someone who can spend time Yes, my password is: I don’t think its so much a matter of whats better as it is that you shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to grab original cabinets.


Agreed on the bling-factor of the ‘s but I’m in the camp for quality playback – especially at high volume. Ive heard both the and 30 in smaller rooms at about 12 ft listening distances and the sound was all you could ask for. They might move for a little less or if they weren’t local pickup only. Go to JBL’s website and bring up the tech papers on the two speakers, that should convince which is better alone.

JBL 4435 owners. Dilemma that could halt ALL my speaker projects

This is all based on my own experience and opinion and I’d hate to lead you astray. WAF is likely better, though, with the ‘s. This item doesn’t belong on this page. The Marantz is per channel.

I wouldn’t suggest that you buy a pair based on my opinion which would be to just buy them but to actually give them a listen first just in case they turn out not to be your cup of tea. No esoteric amps here. The and crossovers are close in parts count but not the same and I can make the needed changes reversible then collect the parts to once again populate the s. I thought I read they need about watts to run correctly.

If I were forced to pick a particular are of excellence which is admittedly difficult, I would say that human voice and brass instrument reproduction enter the realm of the near impossible. You may also like.


HUGE Single 1 Pc. JBL Studio Monitor Speaker | eBay

I have read that these speakers require lots of power!! It’s slowly turning from dilemma to mandate. The price is about the same for both.

They seem 44435 have a smoother and more natural midrange, along with that amazing JBL punch and dynamics. I figure my speakers start sagging at db, and I need another 6 to8 db to capture the cannon fire using 98 db as a starting point.

I will look into these speakers on the weekend, and try to find the date of them. And you’ll never have to color-match the JBL blue paint. Here’s a few pics for you Zonker I’m not able to describe these things like a magazine reviewer. Not advertised elsewhere Prefer goods collected?: I saw that thread just 4345 other day, although as I recall, at the end of it he figured out that he had blown diaphragms fatigued AL surrounds on the s. Super nice clean pair! It’s sort of a window into the mix.

IMO you should keep the crossovers original and 44435 build crossovers.

Amp to power JBL 4435 Speakers

Do you already have an account? Our 44335 also liked: The room was full of sound with incredible separation. The engineers got this one right. I would say to remove the mass rings from the s in the s and get a dedicated sub and that would get you there.

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