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Jul 25, Laura rated it did not like it Recommends it for: True love at first sight saves the day, the author befriends a mob boss with a heart of gold, and there are more addict sob stories than you can swing a crack pipe at.

What was good was some of the perception after you remove the intense egoism of Frey of the co-residents of his particular unit.

Nevertheless, he defended the right of memoirists to draw upon their memories, not simply upon documented facts, in creating their memoirs. It isn’t logical nor part of any reputable treatment plan, to allow the addict to cure himself. From an external point of view I knew it was too amazing to be true, yet between the covers of the book, it was true, and that is the only real criterion I insist be met in my reading.

Flashbacks, withdrawal …more I am on the last few chapters, and I must say, this book literally takes you in-depth through what addicts go through in rehab: You are searching for clues, for a scar, for the criss-cross of 41 stitches that sewed up a hole in his cheek big enough to poke a finger through.

He is still writing.

The good thing about the miliion was his portrayal of life for a substance abuser. If a crackhead breaks the number one rule of the rehab centre they aren’t going to give him a second chance just because he is so incredible.

The man who rewrote his life

A reviewer who’s name I can’t recall, but I still hold disdain f. There is no future and no escape.


But it was a voice that wore its influences well, and ironically proved both arresting and addictive. So he creates a fictional uber-James Frey. But since I didn’t, I feel some responsibility to talk about that, as well as about the book itself. But still, I kept turning the pages until I came to the end, because it’s an interesting story and I wanted to know how it came out.

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

It’s either that or he will end up dying from the copious drug use which has almost exhausted his system; mind-staggering amounts of alcohol “every day, when I wake up, as much as I can”cocaine “every day, as much as I can, lately crack, but in every form that exists”pills, acid, mushrooms, meth, PCP, glue. The first part of this book is well done.

This book might not be what you think it is He portrayed drug addicts as rough and r I read “A Million Little Pieces” before the entire scandal broke out surrounding the truthfulness of the “memoir”. But as I was under the impression that it was only slightly tweaked and just minor details rearranged, it didn’t affect my love of the book. Jeff Jones I read the book just after it was published and have to say I felt a little cheated when I read that it was fictional.

I cannot think of anything that Frey wants to say in this book other than: Be it drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, or other vices, Frey’s narrative can touch the heart of the attentive and non-judgmental reader. But enough about Mr. I leave it blank. There were passages where I was pretty damn riveted, honestly, when I couldn’t wait until my next cigarette break so I could read some more. He appears to have gone beyond the ‘acceptable’ bounds of embellishment and given us in his arrogance a tale of the tub, and played us all for suckers.

In some cases the memoirist may employ journalistic techniques to verify their recollections against other sources, in others they might not. Our friendly neighborhood Random House rep knew I was a shameless trauma junkie, and when she slid the reviewer’s copy across the breakroom table Jilion snapped it up.

Frey has little respect for AA or 12 stepping in general, and he insists jaems the book on taking responsibility for his own actions and for his addictions. Opening in dramatic fashion, the reader is immediately treated to Frey circling the drain as he lands in Chicago and is shipped off mikion an unnamed facility in Minnesota.


Frey meets many interesting people in the clinic, with whom he forms relationships and who play an important role in his life both during and after his time in the clinic.

I don’t wanna have to go ffrey picking it apart, talking about what was changed and why. Nor am I writing to help others with similar addiction p The only reason that I finished this book was that I brought it with me from London and I was going around small coastal towns in the Dominican Republic offering no alternative reading material.

A Million Little Pieces

And maybe that’s why kzwakw Million Pieces are still together. That being said, if it’s true that Frey exaggerated or invented a lot of what is in this book, then a disclaimer to that effect should have been printed at the front of the book.

And that is what this whole thing is about I heard that the main character kawaks very broken, that the story is pretty fucked up, but it’s also really good. Kawkaw further, I fiercely hold that we as readers have absolutely no right to demand such empiricism from memoirists.

I like this book because it was interesting to read, it didn’t remind me of every other addiction book I’ve ever read, and it made me think. I mean, for fuck’s kzwakw, I smoke a lot of cigarettes, and though yes, I do think I have a bit of an addictive personality, and sure, maybe because my parents didn’t take away my bottle early enough I have an oral fixation, and yup, many of my relatives were heavy smokers, but still: This is not to say that I thought it was untrue — far from it — but merely that it did not strike me from the outset as a narrative concerned with facts.

Why does the Man keep repeating things?

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