Start studying Hazan and Shaver’s love quiz. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. isting approaches to love (Shaver, Hazan, & Bradshaw, in press)., separated .. romantic love, we designed a “love quiz” to be printed in a local newspaper. What’s your attachment style? Does it affect your relationships? A fun test based on Hazan & Shaver () love quiz. Romantic attachment quiz. F scale test.

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AO1 – Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of psychological concepts, theories, research studies, research methods and ethical issues. Finally, and again this is repeating points made earlier, we cannot assume a cause quoz effect relationship. Women classed as avoidant as children tended to have less successful romantic attachments whereas those classed as ambivalent were more likely to have problems forming non-romantic friendships.

Type of bond Secure Avoidant Anxious ambivalent. Assessment Objectives AO1 – Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of psychological concepts, theories, research studies, research methods and ethical issues. Learn more about how we develop our psychological tests. If my partner is not around as much as I would like, I tend to get anxious and irritable. Please give feedback for the essay below: If you would like to submit your essay for review please email.

Romance and Attachment Quiz | Psych Central

Childhood experience with parent Close warm relationship with parents and between parents Mother was cold and rejecting Father was perceived as unfair. Locus of control simple version Sjaver of control full version Romantic attachment style test.


Psych Central quizzes are developed by Dr. Locus of control and attributional style. Retrieved on December 31,from https: They were given 2 questionnaires, one to determine their early relationships with parents, the second their later, adult romantic attachments.

Are you Sigmund Freud? Evaluation of the Love Quiz As I said a poor piece of research because of the following reasons: Have you got a thrill seeking personality?

For personal, educational or research use only; other use may be prohibited by law. I often need to be reassured by my romantic partner that I am truly loved. Take your time and answer truthfully for the most accurate results. They concluded early attachment style of mother is passed on to their children and then subsequently to future generations raising the possibility that attachment styles and parenting skills run in families.

Play the Sigmund Freud game.

Lvoe they grow up, that same temperament will help them form warm, secure relationships with friends and with life-partners. Adult experience with partner Secure, stable and loving relationship with partner Fear of intimacy, emotional highs and lows, jealousy Obsessive, jealous and emotional highs and lows.

AO3 – Analyse, interpret and evaluate psychological concepts, theories, research studies and research methods. Sensation seeking test The Sigmund Freud game.

Bailey et al looked at 99 mothers. As a result they form friendships more easily. This essay could be an 8 or 12 mark question. Many attachment psychologists argue that early relationships with our primary caregivers have an effect on later relationships.


People tend not to answer truthfully, particularly on issues of relationships, instead wanting to make themselves look good. Conclusion Early attachments do affect later, romantic attachments. Validity of research Much of the research in this area uses either the strange situation to measure current attachment styles or questionnaires and interviews to assess attachment styles of parents when they were infants.


Of the volunteer sample, they found that those who were securely llove as infants tended to have long lasting relationships, on the other hand, insecurely attached people found adult relationships more difficult, tended to divorce, and believed love was rare. There are several attachment types that a child can develop in infancy. One of their deficits becoming poor parents themselves.

Influence of Early Attachment on Later Relationships | Simply Psychology

Stress test Sensation seeking test. The researchers have shown a relationship between early attachments and later ones and are assuming that the childhood experience has caused the adult experience.

Later parenting Harlow found that his monkeys tended to suffer a range of long term social and emotional issues see earlier notes. I find that I want to merge deeply with romantic partners, but this can scare them.

Romantic attachment quiz F scale test. Forty women aged 25 to 44 who had experienced insecure attachments as children were given various tests including Hazan and Shavers to determine the quality of their adult romantic attachments. The essay has not been graded, and Megan would appreciate feedback using the comments box below.

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