Angustia de Las Influencias by Harold Bloom at – ISBN – ISBN – Monte Avila Editores Latinoamericana . Get this from a library! La angustia de las influencias: una teoría de la poesía. [ Harold Bloom]. Get this from a library! La angustia de las influencias. [Harold Bloom].

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However once one cuts their teeth so to speak on the style of writing here, one begins to see that you won’t get every reference, you won’t be familiar with every poet or passage mentioned yet you will be moved along, wave-like nonetheless.

Culture needs controversy however. The idea that the ego is only one, and possibly a minor, player in this whole writing thing — which at its best is really divination … well, that is admittedly controversial, but powerful nonetheless.

Paperback2nd Editionpages. I think that The Anxiety of Influence is an idea Harold Bloom uses to supplement his vision of direct influence across the generations of poets.

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The Anxiety of Influence: A Theory of Poetry by Harold Bloom

I didn’t expect it to be easy. Ok Bloom see’s the innocence of poetry and att Ok this book is billed as the starting point for Literary Criticism in America. Now, looking at Terry Eagleton, I realized that the viciousness of literature critics is simply too heady for the not-notoriously dd mathematician consci I’ll just let the professionals do the criticism: It works to woo the ladies.

The book could be three times as long if he were to provide a clear explanation of each text and author to which he ajgustia, so the less-well-read reader is forced, at points, to take his word for it.

Harold Bloom is my favorite literary critic so far. Nov 28, Katie J Schwartz rated it it was ok Shelves: A new introduction, centering upon Shakespeare and Marlowe explains the genesis of Bloom’s thinking, and the subsequent influence of the book on literary criticism of the past quarter of a century. Poetic innocence implies that the Poet is doing precisely what he wants and doesn’t think twice blom the consequences.


Every time I reread this, I become more dissatisfied with Bloom’s central thesis about the poet’s necessary “misprision” in order to clear the way for creative expression. I got introduced to Prof. May 02, Alex rated it really liked it. Having heard capsulized versions of Bloom’s argument here for years in Graduate school particularly from John Freccero, who found it quite applicable to Dante’s presentation of the pilgrim’s relationship to the character of Virgil in Alighieri’s Commedia I was quite pleased to find a cheap second hand copy and to actually read the source of the many mere scholarly references and “see for myself,” as it were.

Views Read Edit View history. And they are far more interesting than those who possess nothing strong enough to offend anyone, a.

Angustia de Las Influencias

Hard for me to critique a book of criticism as its usefulness to one seems, to me, rather more subjective than even the overall value of a work of fiction. Thus Bloom attempts to work out the process by which the small minority of ‘strong’ poets manage to create original work in spite of the ifluencias of influence.

His argument that all literary texts are a strong misreading of those that precede them had an enormous impact on Harold Bloom’s The Anxiety of Influence has cast its long shadow of influence since it was first published in He does cite examples along the way, but I could have used more. The central thesis of poetry as a product of intentionally misreading one’s predecessors, is such an interesting idea and has so many influenciqs, that I am influebcias for the extended reflection, even if a lot of it went over my head.

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The Anxiety of Influence – Wikipedia

It was the first in a series of books that advanced a new “revisionary” or antithetical [1] approach to literary criticism. Age and experience has convinced me that every reader’s engagement with inflhencias text is “correct” for that reader, the question is the ability to convey our ideas of the text.

Jan 28, Tiago Filipe Clariano rated it it was amazing. The Prometheus in every strong poet incurs the guilt of having devoured just that portion of the infant Dionysus contained in the precursor poet.

View all 4 comments. Jun 16, John Hall rated it really liked it.

The Anxiety of Influence: A Theory of Poetry

Only read the first chapter, “Clinamen or poetic misprision”, for a course I’m taking. Cover of the first edition. Isn’t that the joy of reading it? Jan 05, James rated it it was amazing. Bloom’s central thesis is that poets are hindered in their creative process by the ambiguous relationship they necessarily maintained with precursor poets.

They have v ”All modern schools believe that metaphor, or figurative language of any kind, is founded upon a pattern of error, whether you ascribe an element of will or intentionality to it, as I do in my belief that writers creatively misunderstand one another, or whether you ascribe it, as deconstructionists do, to the nature of language. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. The poet’s last hurrah, progressing through a series of gestures resembling the last gasps of air and fight a person takes before drowning; Stages Will keep you posted.

His idea is that poetry should cover all of nature in a big cloak and see the threads that run through it.

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