The MES Extruder Spheronizer’s range from laboratory to production sizes for extruding wet granulations into final spheres or wet granulation is. INTRODUCTION. Extrusion-spheronization. ✓ Extrusion-spheronization a pelletization technique was developed in the early s, and this process is. Integrated Extruder Spheronizer is Pharma pellet making machine is a batch process with approx one batch taking minutes in an hour, and our pellet making.

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In other industries, the size of the pellets can be several centimeters.

Description If you wish to work with batch sizes from between 50 g and g then this Caleva kit will offer you the flexibility you need. Dome extruder is the screw extruder range that builds on the proven Umang technology of pellet spheronizsr equipments. Because you will have the option to work with different batch sizes.

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The 4M8-Spray Dryer is extrudre spray dryer for samples from ml. Interchangeable bowls of different sizes can be used for different batch sizes purchased only as required. Fluid Bed Dryer Flame Proof Design is the best technology in current market scenario for drying efficiently and uniformly be it powder, pellets or granules.

Marumerizer® QJ-230T Spheronizer

Twin Screw extruder is widely used for making pellets of different sizes starting from minimum microns to maximum microns. Mini – Lab is a table-top fluid bed for laboratory use, sized for product volumes from ml to ml. Various mesh sizes possible depending on the design of extrusion starting from microns upto microns.

Granulation Line Granulation Solution: The Solid drug layering capacity ranges from gms to Kgs. Spheronisation to create pharmaceutical pellets.

Umang Pharmatech ensures our customers continuous quality in meeting their needs through succeeding generations. Die Roller Granulator as two rollers one is perforated and the second is knurling roller both are horizontally placed with minimum gap of 0. Hot Melt Extruder Hot Melt Extrusion is the upgraded version of Twin screw Extruder with heating as an element, the whole spheronixer involves hopper for feeding the raw material along with waxes which is pre mixed in solid form.


Tray Drying is certainly one of the most energy-intensive operations in industries, and as most dryers operate at low thermal efficiency, the development of model and control system. Integration with fluid bed possible: Pellet processing is accomplished with several of our products, including the Axial, cone, Radial, Die roller, mixer cum extruder, basket models.

You are secure in the knowledge that you, your operators and your students are safe! We recommend that you enable Javascript to use this website more effectively. All of our laboratory equipment is designed to facilitate fast, and trouble free, scale-up to production. Also, optionally, you extfuder collect operational data during your work. Just the sphfronizer you need it. Laboratory Caleva Caleva Multi Lab. Similar design of process bowl, mixer and chopper ensures that process.

The key is to use lab milling equipment that exactly. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. Extrusion and spheronization is the new pelletization range that builds on the proven Umang’s proven technology and its benefits.

The dry, mixed, powdery active substances are kneaded into a dough with a liquid.

Extruder Spheronizer – Umang pharma Integrated Process Solutions

Production Caleva Extrusion and Spheronization System 50kg per hour. This unique design of machine, meshes and pressing cams with chequered plate design makes the not only a perfect wet granulator but also an ideal pelletization machine. You sphronizer access to our knowledgeable and experienced Technical Support Coordinators.

Training is comprehensive — covering everything from basic equipment operation and best practice to more advanced programs on equipment theory, optimization and troubleshooting. Integrated Extruder Spheronizer as Bucket assembly is on load cell for weighing the extrudes prior to dropping the extrudes into the spheronizer it is like a intermediate storage system where the extrudes get collected because spheronization is a batch process which takes minutes to convert extrudes in to pellets.

Application Notes 0 Download.

File:Extruder spheronizer.jpg

Application Notes 1 Download. Views View Edit History. High shear granulator is spberonizer new mixer range that builds on the spjeronizer Umang technology and its benefits. Production Scale Combined Extruder with Twin Screw Extruder Twin Screw extruder is widely used for making pellets of different sizes starting from minimum microns to maximum microns.


You do not currently have Javascript enabled. Promotes a cleaner, safer and manageable environment Free up your valuable benchtop space Using this single “Multi-Application” solution Remove potential hazards in your workspace with an uncluttered environment Become extrudr productive with fast cleaning to increase the time you have available for testing. For any other concerns, such as need for a higher resolution version of the image, or a commercial license, contact me through my talk page or e-mail me.

Make more of your time You can avoid the lengthy exxtruder time required using highly integrated systems. Chequered plate clean design with no seals in direct contact with the product. Fluid Bed Dryer Fluid Bed Dryer Flame Proof Design is the best technology in current market scenario for drying efficiently and uniformly be it powder, pellets or granules.

High shear granulator is the new mixer range that builds on the proven Umang technology and its extrudr. Ask us how the automatic collection of operational data with the Caleva Datastor can enhance your development work. The pelletization system ensures various designs of extrusion like screw extrusion, radial extrusion, cone extrusion, dome extrudsion, basket extrusion, die roller extrusion or mixer extruder to be fitted on top of the twin spheronization system ensures that process and validation wise there is no difference to the extrusion design and operation parameters and design.

Umang pharmatech offers a spheronizwr of focused, professional training programs for engineers, technologists, operators and maintenance personnel, either at our facility or yours. This team is responsible for assisting you with aftermarket activities, including replacement of Umang Pharmatech genuine parts, maintenance and repair.

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