T2-LM24A-F • en • v • • Subject to changes. / 2. Technical data sheet. LM24A-F. Damper actuator for operating air control dampers. Damper spindle 6 20 mm. Running time s / 90° Manual override Gear disengagement with push button, can be locked. Connection Cable 1 m / Terminals. IP54 LM24A-MOD • en-gb • • subject to changes. 1 modified with the Belimo Service Tools MFT-P or ZTH EU. The Modbus.

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Form-fit insert 8 x 8 mm with angle of rotation limiter and position indicator for LM. Form-fit adapter 8 x 8 for LM. Don’t have a price code? The Manufacturers reserve the right to change this Information at any time without notice.

Actuators with damper blade. Form-fit insert 12 x 12 Angle of rotation limiter and position indicator for LM.


A Supplied in Lm24aa of 20 units.

Everything is logical ad clear. Range controller for wall mounting Electronic adjuster for min.

LM24A-SR – Damper actuator

Single room temperature controller. Form-fit adapter 10 x 10 for LM. Save to an existing parts list Save to a new parts list. Your registration has been successfully completed.

Actuators Belimo LM24A-SR

A Damper actuators 5 Nm. Add-on auxiliary switch 1 x EPU, 1mA Thank you for your feedback. Send PDFs for other items.

By accepting cookies you can optimize your browsing experience. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information. VAV and room temperature controllers.

Products saving in a binding lm244a the projects. Sending feedback, please wait Technical data, wiring diagram, dimensions PDF – kb. In case of pressing the button on the actuator housing the gear is disengaged and the damper changes into manual operation mode.

Add-on auxiliary switch 2 x EPU, 1mA The damper is opened belmo closed by the single-circuit control. Add-on auxiliary switch 1 x EPU, 1mA This new website is under development. Bookmark this page My Bookmarks. By using this form, you confirm that you have read the site terms of use Terms of use and completely accept the terms of use. Multi-pack with 20 pieces.


The turning angle is adjusted by mechanical end stops. Multi-pack with 20 pieces.

Electric actuators BELIMO LMA/LM24A | official VENTS website

Send PDF data sheets. Positioner for DIN rail mounting Positioner for front-panel mounting Form-fit insert 12 x 12 Angle of rotation limiter and position indicator for LM. Positioner for wall mounting Range Auxiliary switch grey add-on 2 x EPU, 1 mA You are welcome to send beimo your feedback regarding possible errors or troubles!

Form-fit adapter 8 x 8 for LM.

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