ARCIC Mary Document – Full Text. In the continuing journey toward full communion, the Roman Catholic Church and the Churches of the Anglican Communion. wwThe Anglican–Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) is an organization . Although ARCIC had just completed the major document on Marian theology in , Pope John Paul II suspended official talks between the Roman. Following seven years of work, the first ‘Agreed Statement’ (a page document) to emerge from ARCIC III, Walking Together on the Way.

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It is a help which is offered, but aecic one is not obliged to use … The criterion for the truth and value of a private revelation is therefore its orientation to Christ himself. The Church receives, and must hand on, all those adcic that are constitutive of ecclesial communion: De natura et gratia The Gospel of Christ crucified and risen is continually handed on and received cf. To be Roman Catholic came to be identified by an emphasis on devotion to Mary.

The ancient custom of ad limina visits to the tombs of the apostles Peter and Paul and to the Bishop of Rome has been renewed by their visiting not singly but in regional groups.

We believe that if this statement about the nature of authority and the manner of its exercise is accepted and acted upon, this issue will no longer be a cause for continued breach of communion between our two churches.

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The churches today are committed to receiving the one living apostolic Tradition, to ordering their life according to it, and to transmitting it in such a way that the Christ who comes in glory will find the people of God confessing and living the faith once for all entrusted to the saints cf. The root dofuments all true authority is thus the activity of the triune God, who authors life in all its fullness.

The exercise of authority can be oppressive and destructive. A Gift to be Shared The Commission has always sought to get behind opposed and entrenched positions to discover and develop our common inheritance. Theologians in particular serve the communion of the whole Church by exploring whether and how new insights should be integrated into the ongoing stream of Tradition.

Most of all, his authority was demonstrated by his self-giving service in sacrificial love cf. The Commission’s work has resulted in sufficient agreement on universal primacy as a gift to be shared, for us to propose that such a primacy could be offered and received even before our churches are in full communion. Each believer, by the grace of the Spirit, together with all believers of all times and all places, inherits this faith of the Church in the communion of saints.


To this end, Walking Together on the Way shows that long-term differences between traditions can be approached as a positive resource across traditions: Rather, Mary gave birth to her son of her own substance.

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The imagery of the offspring reminds us of the struggle in Genesis 3: From our experience we have found that it is in the realm of worship that we realize our deepest convergence as we give thanks to God arcif the Mother of the Lord who is one with us in that vast community of love and prayer we call the communion of saints. By this action of the Holy Spirit, the authority of the Lord is active in the Church cf. The exercise of the sensus fidei by each member of the Church contributes to the formation of the sensus fidelium arci which the Church as a whole remains faithful to Christ.

Devotion to Mary must be in accordance with the Scriptures and the liturgy of the Church; it must be sensitive to the concerns of other Christians and it must affirm the full dignity of women in public and private life. In solemnly formulating such teaching, the universal primate must discern and declare, with the assured assistance and guidance of the Holy Spirit, in fidelity to Scripture and Tradition, the wrcic faith of the whole Church, that is, the documehts proclaimed from the beginning.

In its continuing life, the Church seeks and receives the guidance from the Holy Spirit that keeps its teaching faithful to apostolic Tradition. Having taken these shared beliefs and these questions as the starting point for our reflection, we are now able to affirm further significant agreement on the place of Mary in the life and doctrine of dochments Church.

This is what is meant when it is affirmed that the Church may teach infallibly see Authority in the Church II, 24 – 28, qrcic This reception is at one and the same time an act of faithfulness and of freedom. The duty of maintaining the Church in the truth is one of the essential functions of the episcopal college.

Scholastic theologians in the West developed an increasingly elaborate body of doctrine about Mary in her own right. Receive the Holy Spirit; and straight away, whose sins you forgive, they will be forgiven them; whose sins you retain, they will be retained Jn Our reading has taken place within the context of our dialogue in Christ, for the sake of that communion which is his will.

By the fifth century they arccic her as a new creation: The more recent custom of visits by the Bishop of Rome to local churches has attempted to foster a deeper sense of their belonging to the communion of churches, and to help them be more aware of the situation of others.


When bishops take counsel together they seek both to discern and to articulate the sensus fidelium as it is present in the local church and in the wider communion of churches. In the New Testament, the Old Testament is commonly interpreted typologically: In every Christian who is seeking to be faithful to Christ and is fully incorporated into the life of the Church, there is a sensus fidei.

Authority in the Church II already records a significant degree of agreement:. Individualistic interpretation of the Scriptures is not attuned to the reading of the text within the life of the Church and is incompatible with the nature of the authority of the revealed Word of God cf.

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The charism and function of episcope are specifically connected to the ministry of memorywhich constantly renews the Church in hope. It is an approach with strong resonance both with the Francis Pontificate and with the Archbishop Justin Welby premiership. Both Roman Catholics and Anglicans look to this ministry being exercised in collegiality and synodality — a ministry of servus servorum Dei Gregory the Great, cited in Ut Unum Sint, We accept that it is possible to regard her as a prophetic figure of the Church of God before as well as after the Incarnation para.

All this is clearly testified in Scripture, as we have seen. Churches under the influence of Antioch, however, conscious of the threat Apollinarianism posed to belief in the full humanity of Christ, did not immediately adopt this title.

Within such a pattern of anticipated eschatology, Mary can also be seen as the arccic disciple fully present with God in Christ.

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All these ardic institutions provide the possibility of a growing awareness by both local bishops and the Bishop of Rome of ways of working together in a stronger communion. Similarly, the penitent thief who calls on the crucified Christ is accorded the special promise of being with Christ immediately in Paradise Luke Such cooperation in the exercise of episcope would involve bishops meeting regularly together at regional and local levels and the participation of bishops from one communion in the international meetings of bishops of the other.

This was important groundwork, preparing the way for further convergence.

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