If the client didn’t specifically request a particular form Apache will use the form given by the AddEncoding directive. To make this. The Apache mime module offers two options: AddType and AddEncoding. Both options are used in a similar way meaning that both react on. Specifically, you need to enable MultiViews with the Options directive and you need to specify your encoding types with the AddEncoding directive.

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So you should not need to have the AddType entry. I probably had a rule that was “serve this statically if the file exists”.

apache – Using AddEncoding x-gzip .gz without actual files – Server Fault

You actually addencodiny the AddEncoding instruction: The RemoveHandler directive removes any handler associations apaache files with the given extensions.

For example, to activate CGI scripts with the file extension. They expect to see actual GZIP files, but I want to do this on-the-fly addencodinng caching this is a test scenario. When responding with an encoding Apache will use whatever form i. Charset To convey this further information, Apache optionally sends a Content-Language header, to specify the language that the document is in, and can append additional information onto the Content-Type header to indicate the particular character set that should be used to correctly render the information.

The RemoveOutputFilter directive removes any output filter associations for files with the given extensions. The Apache mime module offers two options: Start Free Trial No credit card required. Then the document xxxx. If in your example you request just foo rather than foo.


Module mod_mime

The AddCharset directive is useful for both to inform the client about the character encoding of the document so that the document can be interpreted and displayed appropriately, and for content negotiationwhere the server returns one from several documents based on the client’s charset preference.

If multiple language assignments are made for the same extension, the last one encountered is the one that is used. Once that has been put into your httpd. The location of the mime.

In general, I don’t cache the JS since they are not dynamic files. The RemoveLanguage directive removes any language associations for files with the given extensions. AddInputFilter is only available in Apache 2. AddHandler cgi-script cgi Once that has been put into your srm. Respectively they set the character set, content-encoding, handler, content-language, and MIME-type content-type of documents.

Z files to be marked as encoded with x-compress.

AddEncoding – Apache: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition [Book]

Post as a guest Name. Apache does content encoding comparisons by ignoring any leading x. This can cause unpredictable results, such as serving. I amended my answer to reflect the change. Sign up using Facebook. This has the effect of returning. Removes any content type associations for a set of file extensions Syntax: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Adxencoding, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of addencodnig website is subject to these policies.


The AddLanguage directive adds to the list of filename extensions which filenames may end in for the specified content language.

Respectively they set the character set, content-encoding, content-language, and media-type content-type of documents. Filename extensions that are only associated using the AddHandlerAddInputFilter or AddOutputFilter directives may be included or excluded from matching by using the MultiviewsMatch directive.

ForceType is only available in Apache 1. If all other factors are equal, the smallest file will be served, e.

Although the content language is reported to the client, the browser is unlikely to use this information. Languages and content encodings are treated accumulative, because one can assign more than one language or encoding to a particular resource. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best.

Content encoding A file of a particular media-type can additionally be encoded a particular way to simplify transmission over the Internet. Note that the Boost additions that you are supposed to put in your. I have a lot of big.

AddType mime-type extension extension If the client accepts gzip they will get foo.

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