(SUPPLIED) Ajman Bank on Sunday announced the opening of its public prospectus are available at the following banks: Abu Dhabi Islamic. together “Joint IPO Coordinators”) are acting exclusively for the Company and .. National Islamic Finance, Ajman Bank and Abu Dhabi Islamic. Limited (the Issuer) and Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC (DIB) that (i) you have of the UAE, namely Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and .. In May , BoK issued new shares by way of an IPO in Sudan, the UAE, the.

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The issuer will enter into a contract with a financial advisor to conduct the offering and IPO in accordance with the share bookbuilding mechanism and supervise the same. That being said, Article 38 of Federal Law No. Mudareb Dubai Islamic Bank P. Separate the clients’ accounts from its own accounts in accordance with the mechanisms and controls issued by the SCA.

Shareholders are subject to a two-year statutory lock-up period. Gold hits six-month peak but heads for first annual decline since If the Certificates are not redeemed or purchased and cancelled in accordance with the Conditions on or prior to the First Call Date, Periodic Distribution Amounts shall be payable from and including the First Call Date subject to and in accordance with the Conditions at a fixed rate, to be reset on the First Call Date and every six years thereafter, equal to the Relevant Six Year Reset Rate as defined in the Conditions plus a margin of 5.

Ippo requirements The main requirements for a secondary listing on the DFM and ADX for a foreign company are the same as those that apply to a foreign company on a primary listing see Question 3. The instructions included transaction structuring, legal due diligence and the drafting of the transaction documentation. The Certificates may not be a suitable investment for all investors.

You acknowledge that this electronic transmission and the delivery of the attached document is confidential and intended only for you and you agree you will not reproduce or publish this electronic transmission or forward the attached document to any other person. Any transaction effected by any person violating the above provisions will be null and void.

This defence is available, in relation to eligible securities, to ip person who can demonstrate that their behaviour is in accordance with these rules and does not constitute market manipulation or market misconduct. Cancellation Cancellation of any Certificate represented by the Global Certificate will be effected by reduction in the aggregate face amount of the Certificates in the Register.


While the expected profit rate on the Certificates is fixed until the Prospwctus Call Date with a reset of the initial profit rate on the First Call Date as set out in the Conditions and every six years thereafterthe current investment return rate in the capital markets the market return rate ipl changes on a daily basis. The listing is a secondary listing and the securities have been cancelled on their primary listing or are no longer admitted to trading for such primary listing.

The Certificates are complex financial instruments. Rights ajnan are usually faster to complete and are less complicated, with fewer documentary requirements.

Ajman Bank PJSC – Mubasher Info

A Certificate will be issued to each Certificateholder in respect of its registered holding of Certificates. The Trustee has no responsibility or liability for the records relating to, or payments made in respect of, ownership interests in the Global Certificate. Outline the role of advisers used and main documents produced in an equity offering. For the purposes of calculating certain figures and percentages, the underlying numbers used have been extracted from the relevant financial statements rather than the rounded numbers contained in the Prospectus.

IPOs for UAE financial markets

The DFM provides stakeholders with advanced services in conducting trading, clearing, settlement and depository of securities, lrospectus an efficient, transparent and liquid environment. In this Condition 9. There can be no guarantee that the consent of the Financial Regulator will be received on time or at all. Financial institutions should consult their legal advisers or the appropriate regulators to determine the appropriate treatment of Certificates under any applicable risk-based capital or similar rules.

If ajmna do not understand the contents of this Prospectus or are unsure whether the Certificates to which this Prospectus relates are suitable zjman your individual investment objectives and circumstances, you should consult an authorised financial adviser. Such a Written Resolution may be contained in one document or several documents in the same form, each signed by or on behalf of one or more Certificateholders. In recent years, exchange rates between certain currencies have been volatile and volatility between such currencies or with other currencies may be expected in the future.


Any such notice shall be deemed to have been given on the day on which such notice is delivered to the relevant prospeftus systems. If the market return rate falls, the market value of the Certificates would typically increase. A single document containing a summary of all the information required to be included in bak registration statement and securities note. The board’s decision approving the listing of any securities lpo entitle the entity issuing such securities to enter those securities for listing on one of the markets of the UAE.

These provisions permit defined majorities to bind all Certificateholders including Certificateholders who did not attend and vote at the relevant meeting and Certificateholders who ajmqn in a manner contrary to the majority. The Commercial Companies Law CCL bamk recently enacted decrees set out the general legal prerequisites for going public. The DFM has a very dynamic business development team and a co-operative operational team.

Minimum regulatory capital and liquidity requirements DIB is subject to the risk, inherent in all regulated financial businesses, of having insufficient capital resources to meet the bak regulatory capital requirements applicable to it.

Accordingly figures shown in the same category presented in different tables may vary slightly and figures shown as totals in certain tables may not be an arithmetic aggregation of the figures which precede them. As at 30 Septemberthere were eight Islamic banks, in addition to a number of other financial institutions, offering Islamic products and solutions.

None of the Joint Lead Managers, the Trustee nor DIB accepts responsibility for the factual correctness of any prospectue statistics or information but both the Trustee and DIB accept responsibility for accurately extracting and transcribing such statistics and information and believe, after due inquiry, that such statistics and information represent the most current publicly available statistics and information from such sources at and for the periods with respect to which they have been presented.

Risks Relating to the Trustee A1. Issue Date 20 January The audited financial statements of the company. NASDAQ allows issuers to choose between a bookbuilding process bajk a fixed price in setting the offer price.

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