Hieronder vind je 12 betekenissen van het woord ADR. ADR. Europees verdrag betreffende het internationaal vervoer van gevaarlijke goederen over de weg. European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). Treaty data. Treaty number: ; Date of conclusion. Verdrag inzake conventionele strijdkrachten in Europa, Parijs, Geldend van ADR. D MRP. OT/R YP PWMR. OT DP. PWCO.

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C consider and, if possible, agree on measures to enhance the viability and effectiveness of this Treaty. Of the 30, armoured combat vehicles, no more than 18, shall be armoured infantry fighting vehicles and heavy armament combat vehicles; of armoured infantry fighting vehicles and heavy armament combat vehicles, no more than 1, shall be heavy armament combat vehicles. The use of flash and lighting equipment shall be allowed.

MiR and Ad helicopters in excess of this limit shall be categorised as specialised attack helicopters regardless of how they are equipped and shall count against the limitations on attack helicopters in Articles IV and VI of the Treaty.

B the hits of the ball on the turret shall render either of the trunnions and its trunnion mount inoperative, and deform visibly the breech ring; and. A explosive charges arr be placed in the tube, on one cradle mount in the upper carriage and on the trails, and verdrga so that:.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

When detonated, the charge shall sever the tubes or launcher rails, tube or launcher rail bases and their rotatable parts, into two approximately equal parts in areas that are not assembly joints. D in that part of Ukraine comprising the former Kiev Military District, the aggregate numbers in active units and designated permanent storage sites together shall not exceed:. For example, the overall total held by a division would be the sum of the holdings of all its subordinate organisations; and.

A by the end of the first reduction phase, that is, no later than 16 months after entry into force of this Treaty, each State Party shall have ensured that at least 25 percent of its total reduction liability in each of the categories of conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty has been reduced.

B for each organisation, the two levels of command within the area of application immediately superior to that organisation shall be designated columns d and e. Existing types of unarmed transport helicopters which are not equipped for the employment of weapons are:.

The notification of a change in the maximum levels for holdings shall remain valid from the date specified in the notification until the date specified in a subsequent notification of change pursuant to this paragraph. The photographs of each exemplar of a type shall contain an annotation of the existing type designation and national nomenclature for all models and versions of the type that the photographs of the exemplar represent.

During the inspection within that inspection site, the host State Party shall exercise the rights and obligations of the inspected State Party with the exception of those rights and obligations related to the inspection of the conventional armaments and equipment limited by the Treaty of the stationing State Party, which shall be exercised by this stationing State Party.


Amendments to ADR – Transport – UNECE

The stationing State Party shall be fully responsible for compliance with the Treaty obligations in respect of its conventional armaments and equipment in service with its conventional armed forces stationed on the territory of the host State Party. Multi-purpose attack helicopters being converted shall be rendered incapable of further employment of guided weapons by the removal of the following components:.

B a second explosive charge shall be placed as follows:. Only combat helicopters that are categorised as multi-purpose attack helicopters in ad with the categorisation requirements set forth in this Protocol shall be eligible for recategorisation as combat support helicopters. An identical procedure shall be followed for air and air defence aviation forces. G the convening of a conference pursuant to Article XXI; and.

B Conventie van Bazel Conventie van Bern A a basic block diagram portraying all major components of guided weapon integrated fire control and aiming systems as well as components of equipment designed for the attachment of guided weapons, the basic function of the components described in paragraph 1 of this Section, and the functional connections of such components to each other.

Armoured vehicle launched bridges placed in designated permanent storage sites shall not be considered as being in active units. B the total number of each specific model or version of combatcapable trainer aircraft that the State Party intends to certify alone, in accordance with Section I, paragraph 1, subparagraph B and Section IV of this Protocol.

A an explosive charge shall be placed on the interior floor at the mid-point of the vehicle. Each State Party shall have the right to choose any one of the following sets of procedures each time it acr out the destruction of battle tanks at reduction sites. Armaments and equipment so reduced shall no longer be counted against the numerical limitations set forth in Articles IV, V and VI.

A all items to be displayed that are powered by self-contained engines shall have their fuel tanks rendered incapable of holding fuel and:. Pursuant to Section II of the Protocol, each State Party shall provide data on its overall holdings by type of battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles and artillery Chart IIA subject to the numerical limitations set forth in Articles IV and V of the Treaty column band on its overall holdings by type of combat aircraftand attack helicopters Chart IIB subject to the numerical limitations set forth in Article IV of the Treaty column b.

A for self-propelled guns, howitzers, artillery pieces combining the characteristics of guns and howitzers or mortars with a turret: Each State Party shall provide to all other States Parties following entry into force of the Treaty coincident with each annual exchange of information provided pursuant to Section VII, paragraph 1, subparagraph C of this Protocol:.

Conventional armaments and equipment in the categories specified in Section III of this Protocol which entered the area of application in transit shall be reported pursuant to this Protocol if they remain within the area of application for a period longer than seven days.


It shall be long enough to provide accurate scaling and shall be placed on or against the object or in close proximity to it. A the mortar tube shall be visibly bent approximately at its mid-point; and. The term “combat aircraft” does not include primary trainer aircraft.

| Treaty Database

Each State Party shall have the right to remove from the numerical limitations on combat aircraft in Articles IV and VI of the Treaty in accordance with the provisions of this Protocol only the following specific models or versions of combat-capable trainer aircraft:. The photographs of each exemplar of a type shall contain an annotation of the technical data for that type in accordance with the agreed categories in the Annex to this Protocol.

Committed avr the objectives of establishing a secure and stable balance of conventional armed addr in Europe at lower levels than heretofore, of eliminating disparities prejudicial to stability and security and of eliminating, as a matter of high priority, the vfrdrag for launching surprise attack and for initiating large-scale offensive action in Europe.

Any notification of a decrease in a State Party’s reduction liability shall be preceded or accompanied by either a notification of a corresponding increase in holdings not exceeding the maximum levels for holdings notified pursuant to Article VII by vrdrag or more States Parties belonging to the same group of States Parties, or a notification of a corresponding increase in the reduction liability of one or more such States Parties. Such a vehicle with a bridge structure operates as an integrated system.

Such helicopters shall be subject to exchange of information in accordance with the Protocol on Information Exchange and to internal inspection in accordance with Section VI, paragraph 30 of the Protocol vwrdrag Inspection. This Protocol constitutes agreement by the States Parties only with respect to existing types of conventional armaments and equipment as well as with respect to the categories of technical data set forth zdr Sections I and II of the Annex to this Protocol.

B during each year of the reduction verdraag, after completion of the initial day period, the passive declared site inspection quota shall be equal to 10 percent of a State Party’s objects of verification notified pursuant to Section V of the Protocol on Information Exchange. The locations of these sites shall be notified for three years following such withdrawal.


B the site’s name and location using geographic name and coordinates accurate to the nearest 10 seconds column c. C a photograph of each component to be removed, illustrating its position in the helicopter prior to its removal, and a photograph of the same position after the corresponding component has been removed.

Such corrected verdrav shall be deemed information provided at Treaty signature and valid as of that date.

The term “combat helicopter” does not include unarmed transport helicopters.

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